Sunday, November 21, 2010


The number, the person, the space

Asaa the assertion, also silence

Asaa the countless count
Asaa of where is here

Sevens of signs:
The Asaa of community: mmuo na mmadu
The Asaa of the struggle of signs with signs: ka i ma nke a, i ma nke ozo?
The Asaa of Initiation: mu na ndee, mu na ndee!
The Asaa of Participation: juo okwa oja 
The Asaa of Submission to the Many: otu onye siere oha
The Asaa of Responsibilty: nakwa agbako
Then, the Asaa of Asaa: ezumezu!

Which lobe of kolanut speaks
On behalf of?
Which is which in each Asaa?

-- Obododimma Oha 

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